The COSTS Project
Capturing the 
Cost of Supporting Technology Services 
in Colleges and Universities

COSTS is a collaborative project of 
David Smallen
, VP for Information Technology

and  Karen Leach, VP for Administration and Finance

Hamilton College
with significant help from our colleagues at other schools.

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Participants in the COSTS project submit data on technology spending for their schools and then receive comparative data from the entire COSTS database.  We prepare over 25 separate ratios and analyses for participants. The report is updated monthly. Participation is free to schools who submit their data.  Only schools that participate receive the detailed data and the full analyses. Several analysis options are available to make the data more useful to your institution.


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The Mission of the COSTS project is to enable institutions of higher education to answer the following four questions:

  • Are we spending appropriately on information resources to support the institutional mission?
  • Are we staffing our organizations appropriately and compensating our staffs appropriately to attract and retain the needed support personnel?
  • Are we maintaining and utilizing our infrastructure appropriately to assure that it continues to deliver the necessary services?
  • Are we providing appropriate services to meet the needs of users of information resources?




The COSTS project

has ended

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